Homebuyer Series: Marry the House not the Rate

Marry the house not the rate

Marry the house not the rate. Are you looking to buy a home, or for that matter even upgrade an existing one? If so, it’s important to remember there are more components in the purchase of your home than just the rate. While of course, most buyers will look at loans and mortgage rates first when considering what is truly best for their future as homeowners, very few consider all aspects involved in the process. In this article, I dive deeper into finding out why lenders want you to marry the house, not the rate!

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Why it’s Worth Hiring a Realtor for Your Rental Property

Rental Property

Finding a tenant for your rental property can be intimidating and complex, but the right realtor can make this journey much easier. With their knowledge of local markets, expertise in marketing the perfect offer to prospective tenants and ability to screen out any unqualified applicants, hiring a real estate agent is an essential step toward achieving success when renting out your home or rental property.

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Real Estate Investing in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

With interest rates on the rise, many people are wondering if real estate investing is still a good idea. After all, higher interest rates mean higher borrowing costs, which can make it harder to finance an investment property. But is this really something to worry about? Let’s break down why real estate investing may be…

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